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The summer sojourn has begun. This year will be a long time away from home, but I’m keeping a good attitude about it. There’s so many things to see and do everywhere. I’m blessed in that I have friends all over and it’s such a joy to see them all.
This year we have a new-to-us motorhome that we hope will seem like our summer home. Hubby’s worked hard on it, getting it set up and cleaned up just like he wants. It should be very comfortable because it has a few more amenities so I’m looking forward to enjoying that.
One of the worst parts of traveling is getting ready to go (the other is coming home again). Since we’re leaving for a while, we must leave the house clean and shining for our house sitters and for our other visitors while we’re gone. Cleaning isn’t a hard chore, but with our packing efforts, the house is messy which makes more work. Plus I had the bright idea to clean out my closet as long as I was taking so much of its contents out. I have two large bags to take to the thrift store.
Hubby is a minimalist as far as packing goes. He gets by with the fewest clothes I’ve ever seen anyone take. He’s developed a lot of clothes washing techniques that I’m not sure I want to learn. Plus he takes one, maybe two pairs of shoes to last all summer.
I, on the other hand, have to constantly remind myself to take half as many clothes and twice as much money. I’m a woman. I need wardrobe and shoe choices. He complains about me always needing a large suitcase when he can pack everything in his computer bag. He doesn’t understand that men have clothes and women have outfits. There’s a difference.
When we travel to Europe, we’ll each take a carry-on so I’m not completely hopeless. With our trip to Ireland last year, I learned how to go 3½ weeks with three pairs of slacks and six blouses. Mix and match is the key, along with rolling and stuffing every nook and cranny with something. It’s an art.
Getting ready to travel is exciting because of the anticipated fun. I have to keep repeating to myself that I’m keeping a good attitude. And attitude is everything.

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