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For Hubby and me, the month of May is the month of preparation for and launch of summer travels. There’s always so much to do and organize to get ready to go. I have to visit all my friends to say a tearful good-bye and visit my hair stylist one last time. Hubby makes sure all of our vehicles are in good working order.
This year, the May whirlwind turned into a tornado. The first weekend, Hubby and I traveled to South Dakota to watch our daughter graduate with her master’s degree from Hubby’s alma mater, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. She told us we didn’t need to come, but how could we stay home? She’s still our little girl and we’d go anywhere for her. On our way home from Rapid City, we took a side trip to see the reenactment of driving the golden spike in completion of the transcontinental railroad 147 years ago. The day was gorgeous as we sat in the stands and enjoyed a high school band’s music and watched the skit showing what occurred on that momentous occasion long ago.
I was home for three days, just long enough to squeeze in a book signing event, before heading off to Dallas for my sister’s wedding. Somewhere between Rapid City and Dallas, I picked up a spring cold so this trip was not all it could have been. The wedding was very small and intimate and special. I met my new brother-in-law for the first time and saw my folks for a couple of hours. It was a blessed time. I spent an evening with my niece and nephew which is a very rare occurrence. I really enjoyed it, but I sure wished I had felt better. I’m still hoping I didn’t leave any cold germs behind.
I’m home again for about 10 days before leaving again. In that timeframe, I have to finish my book so it will be released on June 1. I’m packing clothes 1) for camping in all weather types, 2) for a writers conference, 3) for a church meeting, and 4) for a trip to the Swiss Alps. Hubby doesn’t like for me to pack too much, but I’m having a hard time seeing where to consolidate outfits. He might have to get used to the idea that I’ll need to empty my closet into the motorhome. I wonder where he’ll put his clothes?
I’m up to the challenge. I figure whatever I forget or didn’t bring, I’ll buy wherever I am. That’s my Plan B. Hope my credit card doesn’t mind.

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