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I’ve heard that the average cost of a wedding nowadays is around $30,000 or more. In the opinion of someone who was married in the cheapest wedding ever (not counting elopements), I think that’s ridiculous. That’s enough to buy a car or make a down payment on a house. Spending that on a one-day event seems excessive to me, but then I can’t speak for everybody. To each, her own.
Hubby and I had a very simple wedding. My wedding ring set was small because we decided to buy a freezer instead of a bigger diamond. That freezer lasted over 30 years. By then I had different wedding ring set (my fingers outgrew the first one) so it was a good decision for us. We were married at my parent’s house, with limited space for guests. Part of the reason of having it there was that my dad said he wouldn’t come if I had it in a church building. I was never one to go against Dad’s wishes. Back then.
I recently went to an outdoor wedding and was struck by the simplicity of the event. It was in the backyard of the bride’s home. The bride’s dress was very pretty, but not extravagant. The bride and the groom each had one attendant. Not a tuxedo was to be seen. In fact, the groom wore a bolo tie. The ceremony was simple, direct, and to the point.
What made the occasion so beautiful was the look of joy and happiness on the bride’s face. I don’t recall ever seeing a more radiant bride. Her expression made her very beautiful without the ornate dress or long long veil. Her groom cried when he saw her. I got tears in my eyes because their happiness was so palpable that I could feel it.
Whether a wedding is small, big, or in between, the important thing is the love between two people. The wedding guests are spectators, seeing two become one. How sacred is that!

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