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After all the trouble in the America, I wonder where all the good people are. Why don’t they stand up and demand to take the country back? Why don’t they protest against those who seek to destroy our way of life? Protest against those who hate?
The answer is fairly easy. Good people are too busy living their lives in the background. They are working their jobs, working on farms and ranches, raising their children, educating our children, driving produce and materials across the country, building our homes, repairing our power lines, paving our roads, and a myriad of other things that keep our way of life intact. They don’t have time to protest.
The good people in America are a quiet bunch who raise their voices in prayers rather than raise their fists in defiance. They take their hats off when the US flag passes rather than stomp it into the ground or burn it. They thank law enforcement and military people for their service rather than seek ways to defy and hurt them. They support local businesses rather than loot and destroy them. They live quiet, peaceable, self-supporting lives, not boisterous, idle lives.
The good people care about how things are. They contribute in small ways by supporting local fundraisers for those in need and for volunteer fire/ambulance/rescue equipment. They come together peacefully at competitions at county or state fairs, softball games, or soccer games. They are adamant fans of their professional sports teams and will defend their team when challenged. Peacefully, most of the time. Alcohol has a way of upsetting that balance.
Overall, the good and honest people of America, no matter what color, religion, or income status, want a place that’s safe from evil people and fear. A place that allows them to pursue a happy and productive life. A place where honesty, intelligence, and hard work are valued. A place where all lives are valued, beginning with life as a fetus and ending with the oldest person who needs care. A place of peace. Let’s keep praying for it.

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