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Heartwarming Small-Town Romances and Thrilling Mysteries

Campground life is interesting to watch. You see people at play and at leisure, meaning they are usually happy people. There’s an occasional outburst when the tent isn’t going up as it should or wives aren’t spotting their husbands as they back up trailers like the husband think they should. But once settled in, most people are very happy. Most smile and wave at the neighbors and some even come over to meet you.
One not-so-good observation is stupidity. I watched a motorcycle in a hurry try to pass a slow truck. The truck turned left just as the biker pulled out to pass it. The two almost collided. There was no blinker on the truck (mistake one), impatience on the part of the biker (mistake two), and going helmetless while driving unsafely (mistake three). You can’t be in a hurry in a heavy-tourist area or you’ll get hurt. This biker had three strikes, and thankfully, he wasn’t out.
Next is people who ignore the “Buffalo are Dangerous” signs. Repeatedly, I’ve seen people approaching within 20 feet of the massive WILD animals. I guess they don’t know that other people who’ve done that were gored and severely injured. One woman spent a week in ICU after trying to pet one. Hubby and I got within that distance of one by accident when he tried to join us at our campfire one night, but that wasn’t our choice. I was terrified! Those people who ignore warnings about anything in State and National parks are taking their lives in their hands. Those warnings aren’t put there to entertain you, aggravate you, or take up space on the side of the road. They’re put there because they’re good advice. Heed warnings lest you end up saying, too soon old, too late smart.
Now back to the pleasant observations. Generally, the older the couple, the larger the RV. Makes sense to me. As I get older, I get grumpier about leaving the comforts of home for a campground. I like turning on a heater to take the chill off on these early mornings. I like my stove so I can have hot water for my tea. I like my sleep-number bed that gives me a good night’s sleep. I admit it: I’m a glamper.
Younger couples and families generally have small RVs or tents. Hubby and I started out tenting with our kids when they were young. Hubby got a monetary award at work and we spent it on a tent. We used that tent a lot over the next few years. Our children loved going camping in it in the mountains of Colorado. As they got bigger, we got a little pop-up trailer that we used a lot in Pierre where we went boating with the grandparents. Lots of happy memories around that little pop-up.
There’s lots to see here in America and tenting or RVing is a good way to see it. At the same time, not everyone gets a thrill with being outdoors. Pit toilets and cold mornings are to not everyone’s liking. To each his own. The main thing is to make lots of happy memories with your children while they’re with you and more happy memories as a couple. Good memories last a lifetime.

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