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Heartwarming Small-Town Romances and Thrilling Mysteries

Hubby spends much of our campground time out hiking and biking. Since I’m not the outdoor enthusiast he is, I stick around the motorhome and write or go for walks (no high mileage trekking for me!). I’ve made several observations as I sit in the campground minding my own business.
Some people have difficulties backing trailers. Some of them have to back into camping sites that are difficult to back into. The loud profanities and derogatory talk about the campground is not appreciated by me and others. There are children around that don’t need to hear that kind of language. And stop hollering at your wives who are spotting you.
Lots of families bring their kids out for an unplugged time. We saw one family reading books around the campfire at sunset.
Families bond while camping. I heard one child crying because they were leaving and he wanted to stay with his aunt and uncle. I heard another family start to leave and someone cried out, “We haven’t said a prayer yet.” A few moments of silence were followed by the sound of engines starting. That was sweet.
Boys can eat a whole bag of marshmallows cooked over a campfire. He offered his dad some, but dad refused. I hope he didn’t get sick that night.
Some people think trails are garbage dumps. I picked up empty water battles and food wrappers along the trail even though it’s not my job. Hey litter pigs, pack it in and pack it out! You’re making a mess out of beautiful place.
Speaking of making a mess, let’s talk about using the common bathroom and showers. Clean up after yourself unless you brought your mother, wife, maid, or butler with you. If you drop toilet paper on the floor, pick it up and dispose of it. Rinse the shower and sinks out after you use them. No one like having to remove your hair from those places, just like you wouldn’t like removing mine. Be considerate of those who use it after you.
It’s fun to watch children in the campground, but I cannot speak to them because I’m a stranger. If I do speak to them, I feel like I’m contradicting a lesson their parents may have taught them about stranger danger. That makes me sad.
Sometimes it’s not fun to watch children. As I ate breakfast in our motorhome, I watched two boys exit a pop-up camper and then pee on the grass beside their camp site. The restroom was 100 feet away, but apparently that was too far to walk. Disgusting thing to have to see when eating breakfast and lazy (aka stupid) thing to do when so close to proper facilities. I’d hate to be the people who camp there next.
Thunder in the southern Black Hills echoes down the canyons so that it repeats for a long time as it travels away from me, getting softer with each rebound. It’s the loveliest sound effect to be found anywhere.
Be aware of your surroundings. When a bull buffalo wanders through your campsite, don’t upset it. Six people have been gored by his brothers for getting too close so try not to be the seventh. Give him plenty of room to amble on his way.

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