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Heartwarming Small-Town Romances and Thrilling Mysteries

We left the beautiful Black Hills to move on to the Missouri River breaks of Pierre and Fort Pierre. We’re at a state-run campground that sits along the river below Oahe Dam. It’s beautiful here too, with the water and trees. Since this is Labor Day weekend, the place is full and families and kids are everywhere. It’s a happy place.
This weekend, Hubby is participating in his 45th Class Reunion. I enjoy class reunions, even his. As one of the few spouses that attends, I feel welcome and have enjoyed meeting the people who knew him before I did. His high school class is a pretty cool group of people. Many remain in town or the nearby area. Many others come from out-of-state to be there and to visit family in the area.
I like being an observer of these occasions. Being around people who are laughing, smiling, and talking non-stop is very interesting. Everyone jokes around with each other, and they all get the jokes. In general, the leaders in high school are still leaders later in life. The shy ones are generally still shy. The nerdy kids all had successful careers, but lots of others did too. The generation who lived through the turbulent 1960s have turned into respectful senior citizens who only trust people over 30 now.
My observations from the reunion may surprise you. 1) In spite of all the bare arms and legs, very few tattoos were visible. I guess self-decoration didn’t influence this generation. 2) Grannies and grandpas are awesome dancers. 3) Boat rides on the Missouri River are a lot of fun, especially with people who love to laugh at themselves. 4) Even though most qualify for Social Security, many of them are still working and will continue to do so in the coming years because they like what they do. A good work ethic was part of life in that generation. 5) Childhood friends hold a special place in our lives and should never be forgotten.
Thanks to the Pierre High School Class of 1971 for the great reunion! You’re all awesome!

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