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This will be my last blog for a few weeks. September marks 40 years that Hubby and I have been married so we are celebrating in a big way. We’re going to the Swiss Alps! We won’t be alone. We’re traveling with the same group that we went to Ireland with last year.
Our trip will start with several days in Milan, Italy. We’ll spend four days in Switzerland, the land of fondue and chocolate. Yum! Then we travel into Lichtenstein and Austria, and end the trip in Munich, Germany. There’s a lot of history in that area and I look forward to hearing about it. Some the history will involve World War II which Hubby will really like.
Traveling in Ireland wasn’t bad because we knew the language. This trip is entirely different in that respect. We are monolinguists so we will be at a disadvantage. I hope we have a really good tour guide that will keep track of us all. Nothing worse than getting lost in a place where you can’t communicate with anyone. In Ireland, they had bilingual signs (Irish and English) so I’m hoping the same is true on this trip.
Sadly, Europe isn’t the safe place it used to be, but I guess nowhere is any more. People have asked me if I’m scared about going over there. I can’t say I’m scared, but I’m nervous about it. There’s a lot of crazy people in the world nowadays and they like to hurt innocent bystanders. But I won’t let fear keep me from living life to the fullest so I’m taking a deep breath, saying my prayers, and going forward. I hope you’ll say a little prayer for me and my fellow travelers. When I get back, I’ll pick up my blog again and tell you all about it.

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