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This past week, I received the book proofs of my first nonfiction book. I sent it out to my team to review and comment on. I couldn’t do go on without their help and advice so a big thanks to Aunt Nette, Julie, and Andrea for volunteering to help me out.
This new book is not long, only 66 pages or so, but the work process is the same. Write, review, rewrite, review, get a proof, review, rewrite, review one last time. In other words, it’s a lot of work! Sometimes there a few more reviews and rewrites in there. All of that work and reviewing is for one reason: to put out the best book I can. I self-publish so I’m in charge of quality control. I want them all to be great so I’m pretty harsh on my own writing.
Before I retired, most of my jobs involved writing and editing. I always loved it. When I moved to Boise, I got my dream job of being a technical writer/editor that was the best job ever. It was a hard decision to leave it and retire. Now that I’m on my own, I’ve been taking classes called Success Mentoring. Using what I’ve learned, I set up goals for my freelance writing and listed steps I need to take to move things along. What a helpful exercise that turned out to be! I need that kind of direction to focus on, rather than feel like I’m flailing around without knowing where I’m going. The class has helped me so much that I’ve decided to go a step farther. I will soon start an editing and writing service to help others with their dreams of writing or to write and edit for them. I’ve had enough experience and enough education to feel like I’m ready to take this big step. So if you need an editor, please keep me in mind.
In the meantime, people are asking when my next book is coming out. The nonfiction should be out in March. I’m still working on my Sisters of Time series of one novel and two novellas that will come out later this year. I have two more series and one Christmas romance in my head wondering when they will get out so I’ve got plenty to do in 2017. Stay tuned and thanks for all your support!

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