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This week got away from me. It was Monday one day and Friday the next. I’m not sure what happened to the middle, but it must have sped by in there somewhere. It got me to thinking about Einstein and his theory of time. He said time slows as you go faster. For example, if we were in a rocket ship going faster than the speed of light, we would not age at the same rate as those left back on earth. When we got back, they’d be much older or gone and we’d only be a few days older.
I think we all experience Einstein’s theory to some degree throughout our lifetimes. Not only does time slow when we go faster, but it speeds up when we move slower. When we are young, we move fast that time slows down as we speed around keeping up with all of it. As we age, we slow down and time speeds up.
The summers that lasted forever when we were children are the same number of days when we are older. In our younger days, we played and ran for seemingly endless days, and our school years lasted a good long while too. We were moving and active, had places to go and people to see, college to prepare for and jobs to get. We were busy but managed to get it all in.
Later in life, how often have us Boomers/grandparents commented on how the summer seems to fly by? Not only that, but the years seem to fly by too. Our lives are slower paced than before, but there’s never enough time to do it all. We wonder how we got it all done before. Time for us is speeding up.
Einstein had it right. Time is truly variable, depending on the place and situation we are in. Ben Franklin was also right: “do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.” Now go out and make it a fabulous week!

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