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I love writing books. For decades, I dreamed of writing, but never took the time. I was too busy doing other things. Now that I’ve fulfilled a dream, I feel like I’ve finally, after six decades, found out what I’m supposed to be. It’s made me very happy.
I’ve taken a lot of classes to improve my writing and marketing skills. One thing keeps popping up that I need your help with. Most successful writers have a team of fans who write reviews for them. Reviews on different sites are hugely important to all writers. Amazon verifies the reviews from people that bought the book. Those reviews are weighed more heavily than the reviews from people who borrowed the book from a friend or bought it from me. Amazon’s verification figures prominently in the formulas they use to rank books. Also important is how many reviews a book has.
That brings me to my request. I need a team of readers that will write reviews for me. Here’s how the process works: I send my team an autographed copy of the book prior to its release which they will read. Then on the day of the release, I will price the ebook at 99 cents for one day. My team will purchase the book on their Kindles or tablets, then write an honest review for the book. That review will be of higher value to me and that will help me out very much.
So I need a group of “fans” who are willing to read my books and purchase a 99 cent ebook from me and post a review on the day of release. I will keep you informed and reminded of all those things. I’m more than happy to provide free books to those who are willing to help me out, and I will do everything I can to give you great books to read. If you’re interested in being part of my team, please email me at Give me your email address and your mailing address so I can send books to you. The more the merrier. Your email address is safe with me and will not be released to anyone one else for any reason.
Last but not least, we need a clever name for our group. The Caring Bookworms or something like that. If you have a suggestion, send that too and we’ll form our own little closed group. And as always, thanks so much for all your support!
Next week, we’ll talk about how to write a book review. That’s useful information for all readers and authors.

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