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Hubby and I spent all of last week feeling how old we are. Our son needed help with a remodel project, and invited us to come help out. Hubby worked with Son while I babysat the two active grandsons. Seemed like a good deal. I’m a mother. I’ve taken care of two kids before. It would be an easy week.

Son tore out his very dated rock fireplace. The rock and bricks had to be chipped out, but then they found that the adjacent bookcases had to come out too. On to Plan B. There were huge holes around the fireplace that led to the crawl space under the house which is why that room was always cold. The guys went through Plan C and onto Plan D when they ran into other issues after tearing everything out, but both are very resourceful. By the time we left, everything but the new tile was in place. Hubby suffered a few aches and pains from using muscles that he hadn’t for a while. Seems bicycling muscles aren’t used while doing hard remodeling labor.

I spent more time on the floor last week than I have in years. It was easier to play at their level than at mine which worked great until time to get up. I got up and down a thousand times, it felt like. I had parts that ached from getting off the floor so many times. The weather turned really nice the last part of the week so the boys and I spent the afternoons outside in the yard. We’d brought along sidewalk chalk so once again, I was on the ground drawing on the concrete. I love drawing with the chalk, but it must be a girl thing. The boys weren’t too intrigued by it other than making roads to drive their trucks on.

There was a downside to being there last week. Seems a virus has been running rampant through the family for a month. Oldest grandson is in pre-school so all those nasty germs come home with him. He shares with his little brother who shares with his parents. In the middle of the week, Son and Daughter-in-law came down with the nasty cold that has been afflicting both of the boys. Good thing Hubby and I were there so we could manage the boys. We didn’t mind wiping the noses, getting coughed and sneezed on, and rubbed on. Hubby and I both stayed healthy the whole time, and we even got a lot of things done on the to-do list. Being needed and helping out with loved ones is a wonderful thing.

By the time the week ended, the parents were feeling a little better and the boys were still doing well. Success! By the time Hubby and I got home, both of us were not feeling well. The next morning, we both got up moaning, aching, stuffed up, and feeling rotten. I’m very glad we stayed healthy while needed. At home, we can rest, not having to rise at 5:30 in the morning with the boys.

The joy of getting older is enjoying adult children and grandchildren, and being with them as much as we can. That never gets old!

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