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Heartwarming Small-Town Romances and Thrilling Mysteries

They say the first thing that goes when you age is memory. At least, I think I heard it. Or maybe I made it up. I can’t remember for sure. Anyway, Hubby and I are living proof that it’s true, no matter where it came from. We keep each other entertained more and more by our lack-of-memory antics. We both go into rooms and wonder why we are there. We ask each other, “Do you know what I came in here for?”
“Nope, I can barely keep up with myself, much less you.”
Same holds true in the car. We usually know where we are going, but sometimes we take the scenic route rather than the shortest. The exception to that is the ice cream stops. We know the walking routes to them and the driving routes. Most of all, we always find our way home.
The other day, I was driving Hubby around town while he was busy with his phone. He said to take him to Home Depot so he could return a purchase. I drove him to the one that I usually go to. I parked and let him go in alone while I read a book in the car. When he came out, he was laughing at his funny experience inside. He hadn’t realized which store I’d driven to. When he got to the counter, he’d told the clerk that he’d bought the item at the Milwaukee Street store, and asked if he could return it here. The clerk looked at him funny and replied that he WAS at the Milwaukee store. He laughed and said he wondered why all the Home Depot stores looked the same on the outside. He kept trying to make her laugh at the situation, but the clerk was not amused. He got his money back, but I’m pretty sure that clerk wonders if he’s got a hole in his screen door.
Hubby remembers places we’ve gone and things we’ve done that I don’t remember at all. And vice versa. Hubby tells me things that I don’t hear, but he says I don’t remember them. And vice versa. I’m wondering if he THINKS he says it and doesn’t or if he really SAYS it and I don’t remember. One of us may be crazy, but we’re not sure which one. It’s become a game. Who remembers what and who doesn’t. Who is winning the game? Depends on who is keeping score. Maybe it’s both of us. Say a prayer for our children! They’ll need it.

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