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In a few days, I’ll have my 10th anniversary of living in Boise. I moved here sight unseen for a new and exciting job. Initially, I thought I’d only be here few years before returning to the Black Hills. The job turned out to be the best ever, and Boise is a great little city. I’ve never felt the need to leave.

Moving is hard, and I’ve done enough of it to know. Other than Bayfield, Colorado, Hubby and I’ve never lived any place more than 8 years. With each move, I dreaded finding new doctors and dentists and a new job. The first day on the job is always the worst, followed closely by the second day of work. I’ve had lots of those too. So being in one place with the same doctors and dentists, friends and neighbors, and familiarity with my surroundings is really nice!

We bought our house in a brand-new subdivision reached by driving through a rough-looking neighborhood. There wasn’t much here other than dreams. The house met Hubby’s list of expectations: close to work and on the Greenbelt. The developers had big plans for this place: a community center and pool, grassy areas, a coffee shop, a park across the river, a bridge to the park, a whitewater park in the river. A 2-mile walk to downtown and a 2-mile drive to my office. It was a sweet location if all the amenities came about. Nothing much changed for about 5 years, but very slowly and gradually, things began to change. It took 10 years, but we’ve got everything except the coffee shop. It’s being built now, and will open later this summer. If all goes as planned, a new semi-pro baseball field will go in between here and downtown and a vo-tech college will be built half-mile away. We have doctors and nurses as neighbors since we’re within 2-miles of a major hospital. Things have turned out pretty nicely. Patience paid off.

So if it’s all the same to everyone, I choose to live here a while longer. Hubby and I are setting a record for us for living in one place. Our only complaint comes with the park across the river. They rent the gazebo out for parties and for some reason, nothing less than ear-splittingly loud music will do. Even though Saturday evenings are pretty noisy, it’s a small nuisance in comparison to what our neighborhood has become. A few calls to the police and the mayor’s office may fix that problem in time.

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