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It’s spring and yet another one went by without having a super spring cleaning effort. With all the moving we’ve done in our lifetimes, you’d think we’d have cleaned out the excess stuff, but we didn’t. Work moves were paid for so there wasn’t all that much motivation to jettison the unneeded things. We’re paying for that now.

With the flood threat we’ve been under the past couple of months, Hubby and I have given a lot of thought to what to save and what to leave behind. We need a new sofa so that was an easy choice to leave behind. My treasures are mostly on the second floor so they were mostly safe. We moved a few things like sculptures and antique furniture to the second floor. Hubby’s tools and books in the garage were of greatest concern. We made plans on how to get everything out of the water if it should come.

A columnist in the local newspaper wrote about how the flood threat had been a blessing in disguise for him. He and his wife had cleaned out a lot of clutter and useless things from their house. They were feeling really good about finally getting motivated to “clean house.” Not only were they prepared for flooding, but they were less encumbered by stuff after it was over. He had a smile on his face while the river raged. Less stuff made him happy.

A friend of mine has a nice saying when she cleans house. If her husband wants to keep something, she tells him, “It’s time for someone else to enjoy this.” If she wants to keep something, her husband tells her, “Let someone else enjoy it.” I think that’s a beautiful saying. Having things in boxes in the garage is no way to treat special things if you never get them out to enjoy. Let someone else enjoy the things you no longer need or want. Spread the joy.

So that’s my new mantra that I’ll use when I clean out my closets and woman cave. I have a lot of things that someone else will enjoy and appreciate more than I do, and that will make it easier to let it go. I’m not sure it’ll help with my books, but I have lots of other things that I should let others enjoy. Except for my fabric stash. No one will enjoy that more than me so it stays…there are exceptions to every rule.

By the way, the flood threat has mostly diminished, and Hubby and I have escaped unscathed. I’m so thankful for that, although I still need a new couch. I may have to let someone else enjoy it while I look for another. Problem is, Hubby still enjoys it so it may stay for a while longer.

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