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Heartwarming Small-Town Romances and Thrilling Mysteries

I’ve been gone from home for almost 9 weeks. I spent most of them in Texas visiting family. I love seeing them. The rest I spent with Hubby in the Black Hills of South Dakota, his home state. We lived here on and off for 16 years so we have many friends in the area. I love seeing them.

People tell me I’m living the dream. Being able to be gone for weeks or months on end. Traveling all over the place and meeting new people.

I hate to say it, but that’s not my dream.

My dream is to live in a nice place, travel for a couple of weeks every now and again, but always return home in between. I love seeing friends and family, but trust me, there’s a limit on hospitality, even with those you hold the most dear. I love seeing new places long enough to see the sights, but then going back home.

Hubby’s dream is to be a full-time RVer. Traveling from town to town, city to city. Meeting all kinds of people who are camping next to us. Seeing all kinds of sights and places. For as long as we are able.

Our motorhome has been a blessing. I enjoy it much more when we’re plugged in to electricity and water and park close to town. After a week or so, I miss my woman cave and big master bath so I’m ready to go home. Hubby loves to camp in primitive campgrounds out in the middle of the forest with just an outhouse for backup. For weeks at a time. In that case, the motorhome becomes a hard-sided tent with furniture. Comfortable and safer than a tent in storms.

As you can tell, Hubby and I have differences in opinion. Or different dreams. We’re still working on compromises that fit will both of us. The fun part is exploring our options. What a blessing that we have options to choose from. Most people have none.

I’ll head home soon, leaving Hubby free to camp in those primitive campgrounds without hearing a word of complaint from me. He’ll have his peace, quiet, hiking trails, starry skies, and campfires while the solar panels on the roof recharge his phone and Kindle. And I’ll have my woman cave, internet, long showers, and total control over the TV remote. We’re both happy!

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