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On my long journey this summer, I hooked up with a group of women who met each morning at a charming coffee shop in Spearfish, South Dakota. Two of the women are good friends of mine. When we lived there, we were neighbors, and our husbands worked in the same office. We went to lunch together a lot and had lots of fun times. I really missed them when we left, but always stayed in touch.

After we moved away, my two friends walked every morning and stopped for coffee before returning home. They were joined by another friend and another until this small group of half a dozen or so formed a sisterhood. As the years went by, the group was less about walking and more about friendship and girl time.

This sisterhood has supported each other through deaths, illnesses, joys, and all of life’s issues that come with aging. Each woman has faced a problem and overcome it, and uses that experience to help the others when they are faced with the same or similar circumstances. The moral support they give each other is invaluable.

I was privileged to be invited by my two friends to join this group for a couple of weeks. To the other women, I was a stranger, although not a total stranger. Most of them were teachers and some had my children in class. But still, to allow unfamiliar me into their close circle, well, I felt very honored. I mostly listened to tales of their families and the people around town (some of whom I knew). We talked about the weather and how hot it was. We talked about one in the group who was having health problems and how we might help her out. Everyday brought a new discussion, and there was never any shortage of things to talk about. The art of conversation flourished.

For me, it felt good to be a part of a group of women again. It’s one of the things I miss the most when we travel for long periods of time. Female camaraderie. A sisterhood to be a part of. At home, I have a sisterhood of friends. We’re close and support each other. I’m very blessed to belong to such a group. We don’t get together every day, but the texts between us fly often.

Every woman needs a sisterhood to belong to. A place where she can unload problems and get help in solving them. A place where she can help others with her experiences. A place to find support and understanding.

Go find a sisterhood. Or better yet, start your own. It’s the cheapest form of therapy you can find.

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