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Most people know that I’m a native Texan. I was born in the giant state and lived here until I was 11. At age 12, my parents drug me off to Colorado where I was teased for my accent and my inability to breathe at 6900 feet in elevation.

I’ve been in Texas now for a little over four weeks. I’m constantly reminded of how proud Texans are of where they live. That native pride was instilled at an early age. When I was in grade school, we said the Pledge of Allegiance, sang the Star Spangled Banner, and then sang the Texas state song. They were always linked. Later we’d sing how the stars were big and bright deep in the heart of Texas. Or how the eyes of Texas were upon us.

I’ve lived in five states and visited many others. Most states have “state songs” but I don’t think they’re part of the curriculum or common culture. Few states have had as many songs written about them as Texas, and no one else sings songs of state patriotism like Texans.

Even the Texas state flag, with its simplicity in design and colors, is recognizable everywhere. The Lone Star flag flies over many, many homes alongside the Stars and Stripes. I wouldn’t be surprised if Texas has the most flags flying of any of the states. Even many of the houses are decorated with a metallic star and the word Texas emblazoned on it.

Texas is proud to say it was once a republic. It’s also the only state that has the right to break into seven other states if it so chooses. It was written into the agreement when it joined the United States. I think it also has the right to secede if it so chooses. The negotiators of 1845 built in a lot of rights that the other states don’t have.

So if you think Texans are a proud bunch, you’re right. That’s the way we were raised. They can’t help but be proud of their home state.

I love living in Idaho, but have never heard the Idaho state song. Let’s all google our state songs. Maybe we can compare whose state song is the best. Feel free to brag about your state.

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