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It’s inevitable. We all grow older each day. It’s the only option we have other than dying. Rather than wasting time worrying or fretting about aging, it’s best to enjoy the amusement it brings with it.

I’ve noted in the past week several instances where my aging brain and body love to entertain. Hubby and I often have conversations about different things at the same time. Both of us wonder what the other is talking about until one of us has a break-through and gets us back on the same track.

In the houses of older people, words get scrambled in their journey from one person’s mouth to the other person’s ears. Take for instance, my friend who was looking out the window and saw her neighbor’s flag. “Our neighbor’s flag has a hole in it,” she told her slightly hard-of-hearing husband. He replied, “No, I don’t want that. Let’s have something else for supper.” So, what happened there? She knows what she said, and he knows what he heard. How did it get so mixed up in between?

It happens all the time at our house. I say something, and Hubby answers from another universe. Or vice versa. We both look at each other and say, “Huh?” We usually provide our own versions of what was said and heard which gives us both a good laugh. We’ve had some good belly laughs over our version of the game “Gossip.”

Hubby has a bad habit of thinking about things for a while, then starting a conversation with me somewhere in the middle of his thoughts. I have to figure out what he’s been cogitating on so I can join in. Sometimes I can; lots of times I can’t. The practice keeps me on my toes. We know several people who have the same name so I have to guess who he’s talking about. I usually guess the wrong one. Mostly, I’m just glad I remembered someone’s name. Those are getting harder for me to recall when I need them.

Hubby also says I tell him things I don’t remember saying. And I remember him telling me things that he claims he never said. We both wonder if we really said it, or just thought it, but never said it. It’s so confusing. I wonder if he’s crazy, and he wonders if it’s me. Maybe it’s both of us.

It’s better to find humor in those senior moments than to lament about losing our minds. You live longer if you can laugh at yourself. And getting older provides constant entertainment. Enjoy it and laugh like you’ve never laughed before.

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