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Halloween is here. it’s my least favorite holiday. I don’t like being scared, and I’ve never had a good costume to wear. The best thing about it the candy when we buy more than we have trick-or-treaters.

Speaking of being scared, do you believe in ghosts? I do, mainly because of I Samuel 28 where King Saul calls up the ghost of the prophet Samuel to ask him questions. If it’s in the Bible, it must be true.

I haven’t seen a ghost, or if I did, I didn’t know it. I’ve had strange things happen to me and strange sensations from time to time, but as far as running into something paranormal, no experiences for me. Have you ever had any? I’ve been in old houses that gave me the creeps or old places that made me uncomfortable in an eerie sort of way. I try to avoid those as much as possible.

The SciFi channel used to have a program called Ghost Hunters that I watched. It’s the only one I could watch without being scared (see second sentence). When the hosts of the show came to Boise a few years ago, Hubby and I went to their lecture. They had lots of experiences and information from it that made the lecture very entertaining.

Otherwise, I don’t watch ghost TV shows or read ghost books, except for Casper the Friendly Ghost. He’s pretty cool. I watched that cartoon when I was little and wasn’t scared by it. So if I write a story, it’ll have ghosts like Casper. They’re non-threatening and can be funny. Those are my kinds of ghosts.

My parents live near an old cemetery that is still in use. It’s in the middle of nowhere, hidden among the mesquite trees. The place was vandalized on Halloween nights a number of years ago. To prevent further damage, the cemetery board puts on a fish fry/pot luck in the cemetery for the local people. People gather at suppertime and enjoy food and company. They stay there until well into the night to make sure no one comes around to mess things up. The board holds a business meeting to meet their organization’s obligations. Then a good time is had by all, visiting and sharing food and stories. No one has mentioned seeing ghosts at that affair, but then maybe they don’t look for them.

Happy Halloween to all of you! I hope your tricks are few and your treats are many!

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