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Heartwarming Small-Town Romances and Thrilling Mysteries

Last night, I went to dinner and the theater with girlfriends. It was the continuing saga of em>The Five Grannies Go Out on the Town. We do this once a year during the Christmas season. It’s like our own private Christmas party. We always have a great time together. Before, we went to the historic downtown Boise movie theater that shows old Christmas movies. This year, the Broadway series brought the play Elf this year, and we opted to go to that. We had an amazing time.

During our night out, we talked about what we did over Thanksgiving. To my surprise, three of us spent Thanksgiving at home alone. The other two friends have family in town so I assumed they had big family events. Hubby and I spent ours alone with a 12-pound turkey. Had I known about them, I’d have invited them over. Not being a fan of turkey meat, I’d have loved sharing our turkey. I wouldn’t be left facing all that leftover meat and wondering how many different recipes I can use it in.

I learned a lesson this Thanksgiving: if you don’t know your friends’ plans, ask. If anyone will be alone, pool resources and enjoy a good meal. You don’t have to spend all day together, but at least eat together. Talk about the old days and how good they were.

We invited our son’s roommates at college for Thanksgiving if they were staying at school instead of going home. I was amazed at how much college kids eat, but was more than happy to provide it. Those were happy holidays. Fill up the son and his friends and send them back to school. I was thankful I could feed them and thankful they came. Afterwards, I was thankful to have the rest of the day to enjoy football.

So next year, I will be inquiring about my friends’ plans. If you find you’re spending the day alone, give me a call and let’s see what we can do about that.

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