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When I was a teenager, my mother told us about how she laughed in her sleep one night. She laughed so hard that she woke my dad up, and he woke her up from that funny dream. She was dreaming that she and my dad were teaching school. She introduced herself as Mrs. Green, then introduced my dad as Aunt Red Ant. She got so tickled at that name that she started laughing and laughing. That conversation may seem like an odd thing to remember from childhood, but it stuck with me, probably because I’ve inherited my mother’s ability to dream crazy things. In fact, it runs in my family.

I almost get excited going to bed each night, wondering what I’ll be dreaming. I have colorful and detailed dreams. Almost none of them make sense and are totally bizarre, but they are definitely entertaining. On rare occasions, they are really fun, sensible, and happy dreams such as when I dreamed about the five grannies. That dream was turned into a fairy tale. However, most of my dreams are about me being in strange places with familiar and unfamiliar faces and places. I don’t remember ever being awakened by laughter, but I’m not dead yet.

I used to have a recurring dream about a plane crashing near my house. I tried to run toward the wreck to help, but dreaded getting there because I don’t like the sight of blood. I never made it to the crash site, but I could see it and helped the people I came across. That dream came often until a time when a commuter plane really did crash about a couple of miles from our house. I didn’t rush to the site, but we could hear the rescue vehicles going there. I haven’t had that dream since.

I’ve had a lot of déjà vu moments that are traced back to my dreams. They’re very mystifying because I feel like I’ve done those things before or been in that place before. Events in real life don’t follow the sequence in my dream so I am pulled away from the feeling. Still it leaves me shaken.

Wild dreams run in our family. You can ask any of them, and they’ll tell you the same. It’s a sign that we all have a huge and amazing imaginations.

I hope all of you sleep well tonight. Sweet dreams!

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