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This past week, I heard a comment from a former presidential candidate who talked about the middle parts of the country where the “unproductive” people lived. She previously referred to us as deplorables. I’ve always lived in the “unproductive” part of the country, and I love it here. Some of the best people on earth live here too. So here’s my (and I hope your) thanks to all those “unproductive” people in America:

Thanks to the farmers and ranchers who keep feed on our tables. You work sunup to sundown to keep our bellies full. Most of you live in middle America, and we’re glad you do.

Thanks to the truck drivers, train engineers, and their support crews that keep goods and food spread across the land. You make it convenient for us to shop and keep our families clothed and fed.

Thanks to all on the police forces, fire engines, and rescue units that help us when we’re in trouble. Thanks for standing between us and disaster, and for keeping us all safe.

Thanks to the doctors, nurses, and medical personnel who keep us healthy, sew us back together when we get hurt, and help cure us of diseases and illnesses. Your care and nurturing have saved many lives.

Thanks to linemen, electrical workers, natural gas workers, and power-generating workers. You keep our homes comfortable, cool, and warm.

Thanks to those who care for our national geologic treasures, historical treasures, water resources, and wildlife. How wonderful that our children and grandchildren can enjoy them through time.

Thanks to the city workers and librarians who give us clean streets, clean water, and information. You make life better for us.

Thanks to those who take care of our roads, buildings, and cars. We’re free to travel and visit because we can get there. Thanks for fixing what we cannot.

Thanks to the small business owners. You work very long hours to provide goods and services to the rest of us. You make our lives easier and safer.

Thanks to the workers who keep businesses going. From street sweepers to burger flippers to store clerks to CEOs. America wouldn’t run at all without the cogs in the wheels that keep it turning.

Thanks to caregivers and volunteers who provide the homeless with shelters, food for the hungry, comfort to the elderly, and services to those who need protection. You’ve got hearts of gold.

Most of all, thanks to those who volunteer to serve in the military. You and your families sacrifice so much to keep us free and safe. We owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

The list could go on. Thanks to “unproductive” America, salt of the earth. Stand strong and proud.

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