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I’m very proud of Hubby. In his mid-60s, he’s decided to take swimming lessons at the Y. As he puts it, he doesn’t want to compete in an Iron Man triathlon, he just wants to know how to rescue himself if need be. His first lesson went well, and he had a lot of fun. He’s always been scared of the water and won’t go near it without a big lifejacket on. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy respect of water, especially deep or fast moving water, but we don’t do a lot of things because water is involved.

I enjoy floating in water. I don’t mind a little flotation device for peace of mind when the water is really deep . I’m not a strong swimmer, but I float really well. Diving and rambunctious splashing is not my thing. I love floating and being massaged by the water. Snorkeling is fun, but I don’t like anything more strenuous than that. Just peaceful floating and bobbing around. Thinking about it makes me smile as I remember the hours I spent in the water when Daughter and I went to Cancun last fall.

Hubby is proving a very important point. You’re never too old to learn something or try something new. I graduated from college at age 36. In one of my college classes, the daughter, the mother, and the grandmother were in the same class. They sat together and giggled a lot. I always admired my mother-in-law who learned to work computer programs really well in the last years of her career and after she retired. I could go on, but I hope I’ve made the point. Age has nothing to do with learning and trying. It’s all in the attitude.

As long as we’re talking about learning new things, I learned to write novels after I retired. I learned how to self-publish, advertise, and market by reading, listening, going to conferences, and trial-and-error. LOTS of errors and do-overs. I learn from my mistakes, shared what I learned with others, and moved on. It’s all in attitude.

So go out and stretch those brain cells on something new. Learn or do something you’ve always wanted to try. Take swimming lessons at the Y. No regrets.

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