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This past week has been crazy. Summer is here and the hubby and I go our separate ways to do the things we love to do. It’s an exciting, but busy time. Hubby is a planner so we usually have everything scheduled so it all goes smoothly. Most of the time.

We were going to have painters do the inside of our house this week, but a week before, we got a call saying they were going to be late. We couldn’t wait that long to get parts of the house done, namely my office. Hubby is the only one who can take my computer and all its accoutrements apart and put it all back together. Either we’d have to wait to get it done or we’d have to paint the office ourselves. We chose the latter.

It’s been years since I’ve painted walls and such, but it didn’t seem that difficult before. The fact that we wanted to paint the ceiling white (it was brown like the walls) added a little extra work, but no big thing. We would do it and save ourselves money.

As usual, Hubby did the big stuff and I took care of the detailing. It worked well in the past, but less so now. Going up and down a step ladder umpteen times a day is very tiring. Having my arms over my head is very tiring too. Crawling along the floor is tiring. And my office is the biggest room in the house. I admit I got a little grumpy during all this. Well, maybe more than a little. At one point, Hubby told me to go sit in a chair and watch TV. I think he got tired of me griping.

After three days of work, we finally got the room painted, the ceiling white, and the trim looked good. I was exhausted, but loved the results. Hubby got my new high-low desk put together so I can type sitting or standing, and my computer is back together. It’s an amazing set-up.

So thanks to my sweet Hubby for all his work on my office. It’s looks great! I love my new desk! And thanks for putting my computer all back together, for coiling all the wires so they look neat, and for helping me in every way. You’re the best!

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