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Hubby returned home after spending most of the summer away from home. He was getting paid to ride his bicycle on the Mickelson Trail, a 114-mile long state park in South Dakota. He gets asked all the time how he ended up with such a sweet deal of a job. Connections, that’s how. He does a great job so they keep wanting him back. Plus, he loves it. It’s his dream job of riding, meeting people, helping people, and being outside all day long.

For three years, I went with him and spent the whole time counting the days until we went home. I let him go by himself nowadays. That way he’s free to hike, bike, camp, and do all the other things he loves to do without worrying about me.

We spent a whole day unloading the motorhome, or his summer home as we call it. It’s a good thing I don’t go with him. There’s no room for my stuff. We hauled in groceries, toiletries, and I don’t know how many pairs of shoes. I made three trips carrying his hanging up clothes and more trips carrying in the ones that don’t hang up. He took all our DVDs except for the eight Star Wars movies, plus books and magazines.

I won’t go into how many empty geocache containers we unloaded. He meant to leave a bunch out, but his foot has bothered him all summer so he wasn’t able to hike as much as he’d planned. Because he didn’t use any, we had to unload them, but at least they’re light weight.

The two bikes rode home between the sofa and the reclining chair. It was like they were looking over his shoulder as he drove along. He may have even talked to them on the way. He loves his bikes. All the paraphernalia that goes along with long bike rides was stuffed into the bins around the motorhome and under the bed. Packs of every kind, repair kits of every kind, tubes, tires, repair stands, bike stands, and who knows what else, we hauled it all into the garage. I’m thankful there’s still room for my car in there.

It takes me a while to get used to losing control of the TV remote and my time, but I’m happy to have him home again. It’s nice to have someone who’ll take me out to supper occasionally.

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