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My September 2, 2018 blog () kicked off this football season and here we are at the end of it. It’s Super Bowl time! I’m less than thrilled with the teams playing this year so I don’t really care who wins. One team is a perennial cheater and the other is there due to a botched call. And that’s my opinion on that.

I’ll still watch the game just to see how it turns out. It’s the last ballgame; I have to. Mostly, Hubby and I will watch it because of the commercials. The advertisers lay it all on the line to entertain during the breaks of the game. For the really good commercials, we rewind the TiVo and watch them again. Instant replay for commercials. Who knew that would ever be a thing.

We rarely watch the halftime show. I think the last time we watched it they had the Rolling Stones. Most of the time, we have no idea who the “famous entertainers” are so it’s a good time for us to take a break. They mostly have rap or rock stars, and that doesn’t include our musical tastes. While I’ve heard of Maroon 5 and liked a couple of their songs, we won’t watch them prancing around while singing or listen to their guest rappers. We’d rather be taking biology breaks or dishing ice cream for the second half.

Food isn’t a focus on our Super Bowl watching. When we break for halftime, we whip up a treat. I will probably make pizza this year. The last time I made it, the crust was horrendous. I’ve made it hundreds of times, but I totally botched it and don’t know why. I’m hoping to find my touch again.

So here’s to the 2019 Super Bowl. May the game be fair and clean. May the best team win. May the refs make all the right calls. And may the commercials be the best ever!

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  1. I confess we eat too much while watching the game. It’s part of the tradition. Then on Monday we are super enthusiastic about healthy eating again. So at least there’s that …I ditto your wishes for a great game.

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