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According to, the World Health Organization estimated that between 2010 and 2014, an average of 56 million induced abortions occurred worldwide each year. The women who march in support of abortion say they want control over their bodies. Legislators who support abortion argue over the point of when life begins, or in other words, the point when a “group of cells” is a human life form. At conception? When a heartbeat is detectable? Only at birth?

Instead of focusing on at what point life begins, we should focus on at what point women have control of their bodies. At birth? When menstrual cycle begins? At pregnancy? Women have control over their bodies from the time they can say NO! That means all through their girlhood, teenage years, adulthood. All her life. Controlling one’s body starts long before getting pregnant. If a woman doesn’t want to get pregnant, she should control her body enough to not get that way. Prevention is the best medicine, as the age-old adage reminds us. Preventing unwanted pregnancies removes the need for abortions.

The earliest humans knew what caused pregnancy. Adam and Eve figured it out. It’s not rocket science, and it’s not a deep, dark secret. Unwanted pregnancies are very preventable, especially with today’s medicines and methods. Women who don’t want to get pregnant can use pills, diaphragms, IUDs, sterilization, condoms, or any number of methods. And there’s always the tried and true and 100 percent effective method of birth control: abstinence. That’s a lot of birth control options for women to use.

That said, birth control should be cheap and easily accessible to all women the world over. Some say easy access promotes promiscuity. Move beyond that. Easy access to birth control prevents unwanted pregnancies. Easy access to birth control can prevent abortions. It can prevent innocent babies from being torn apart and discarded like garbage. It can prevent innocent babies from being left to die after birth because they’re unwanted. Birth control is the answer to wiping out abortions. Birth control. The name gives women power over what happens to their bodies.

A woman’s control over her body begins long before she conceives. Her decision to have sex with or without birth control has consequences. Destroying a life because of a bad decision should not be justifiable. After conception, another person’s body begins to form. To destroy that other person’s body, especially in the horrific way they do it, is a sin against another human being.

Men have a role in this issue too, but this is about encouraging women to do what they are marching for: control their bodies. If that control is taken away (i.e., rape or incest), then that’s a separate issue I won’t get into. I’m not encouraging premarital or outside-of-marriage sex. I’ll send you plenty of Bible verses to prove you shouldn’t indulge in it. All I want to do is save babies from an awful fate, and that’s it.

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