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Many years ago, I read that people who play music all the time are afraid to be alone with themselves. What do you think? Are you afraid to turn off the music, TV, computer, phone, and any other device that keeps you entertained? “Be still and know that I am God.” The Psalmist David wrote those words a long long time ago. In this noisy world, that’s really good advice.

Meditation is becoming popular again. One sits in a quiet place and empties the mind of everything. Sometimes focusing on an object helps clear the mind of worries and thoughts. Consciously relaxing each muscle, no matter how small, takes a lot of concentration. In our meditation session at work, the leader would always say to relax our jaw and relax our tongue. I felt so much more at ease with a relaxed tongue. Strange but true. Sitting quietly and relaxed for even a short period of time is refreshing and restorative.

I love being alone with my thoughts in the peace and quiet. That’s when my mind daydreams and imagines the most. I’ve always had very vivid daydreams, especially when doing something unpleasant. I like to imagine past situations and how I could have handled them better. Or future situations and how I might handle them best. It’s like a rehearsal for difficult situations that I can replay until I think I get it right. The process can show where I made mistakes and how to do better.

My daydreams are also the place where I imagine the stories I put into books. I see the pictures and scenes and how the characters interact. I can alter the storyline and see where that might go. For many years, I found my daydreaming to be a constant distraction. My mind wandered when it should have been paying attention. Now I see the skill as a blessing from God. He gave me a talent. I’m trying to use that talent to make more talents, or in other words, to use the talent God gave me to make more things happen (Matt. 25:14-29).

Daydreaming is not the only thing to do with quiet time. It’s also a good time to think about the deep things of life and listen for God. Emptying of the mind of worldly cares leaves room for the righteous thoughts to grow. Instead of meditating or focusing on an object, focus on a Bible verse. Plant it in your mind and let the quiet feed it. Hold it tight in your heart, and let it take root so that it will be there for you always.

This week, unplug, be quiet, and be alone with your thoughts. Listen for God.

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  1. Love this post. I get my best book brainstorming and super best praying done when I’m alone on a walk. Except, of course that the Holy Spirit is with me which makes it all even better!

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