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I returned from my five-week-long semi-vacation. It’s no secret I’m a homebody so to be gone that long was hard on my insides.

Attending the West Texas Writers Academy is always a highlight for me and I loved being there again this year. So many writing friends attended, although this year’s attendance was quite a bit lower than previous year’s. While that’s not good for the event, it certainly made it more cozy and personal. I took a class about adding suspense to stories. The instructor was amazing, and we had a great time in class. He asked us to write an opening sentence for a story based on the simple scenario he gave us. We built on that sentence throughout the week and developed a storyline. Want to know the best part? In his class, I was able to plot a sequel to my book Blessings From the Wrong Side of Town! I never considered a sequel, but as the week went on, the story came together so naturally, like it was already in my head and only needed a little prod to come out. I have the detailed outline and will put it in my list of books to write. That’s what’s so amazing about WTWA, coming home with a new book plotted with the help of my classmates. I love that!

I spent three weeks at my parents’ house. My sister visited, along with my niece and her family (including her sweet little boy). We went to see the Fort Griffin Fandangle once again. I helped Dad mow the yard which is huge and full of mesquite trees. We made many forays into Abilene and watched a lot of hours of Hallmark movies. Best of all, we attended the Camp Meeting in Talequah, Oklahoma. That event was uplifting and spiritually rejuvenating. Much of my church family was there, and we had many hours together. It was an amazing time. Once back home again, my parents asked me to stay longer, but I couldn’t. The urge to go home was too strong, plus my grandsons were coming to see me.

My son and his family stopped overnight soon after I returned home. My grandsons hadn’t stayed with me in a long time so I tried to make everything very special for them. I think they really enjoyed themselves. I certainly enjoyed having them. They left the next morning and even though I wanted them to stay longer, I knew I was getting sick.

As my mom says, my tired came down and I fell victim to some bug picked up in my many travels. It hit me hard, although I think most of it was due to being exhausted mentally and physically. I spent two days in bed sleeping and watching old movies on TV. My strength is coming back well, and my coughing is getting less and less. My vacation from my vacation has done me a lot of good.

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