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Ever have a crazy idea and it turned out to be just that? Crazy. I seem to excel at it. My trash bin has seen many of my crazy ideas pass through, and I was happy to be rid of them.

Crazy ideas don’t just happen in your head. They bring all sorts of supplies and stuff with them. I have a closet full of craft items: beads, fabric, lace, ribbon, Velcro, zippers, pencils, drawing pads, scissors, paints over every kind, snaps, hot glue guns, and so on. Most of the times I pursued my crazy ideas, it was to make a little extra cash. Most times, I spent more than I made. That trend continues, but it doesn’t keep me from trying new crafts and ideas and chasing dreams.

Most crazy ideas come from me stepping outside my comfort zone or from ignoring that nagging voice in the back of my head. Many years ago, I got the crazy idea I was a cake decorator. I’d read books about it. How hard could it be? Plenty hard! I told a friend I would make and decorate the cakes for her parents big anniversary party. I borrowed all the supplies and bought a bunch of cake mixes, powdered sugar, and red food coloring. Two days and countless do-overs and tears, I presented them with their cakes. In my eyes, they were a mess, but they seemed very happy with them. I charged $25 for three cakes which didn’t begin to cover my costs, much less my time. But it was all I felt like I could charge. The sweet friend paid me $45, but never asked me to decorate cakes for her again. I never volunteered to decorate any more either.

I also spent years painting and drawing and trying my best to be an artist. I have more artistic skills than cake decorating skills so I did a little better with it. I took art lessons with three other people from a guy at a little museum of sorts. He taught us pencil drawing, colored pencil drawings, and acrylic painting. In college, I learned pen-and-ink drawing which was really fun. My instructor asked me to please take more of his art classes. I didn’t, but wish I had. I did pretty well with my artwork, selling a piece or two. Mostly, I gave it away to friends who were excited to get it, and Hubby gave some to his friends. I have a photo album of things I painted and drew. Those were fun days, but not very profitable.

When I told Hubby I wanted to write books, he figured it was another of my crazy ideas that would come and go. I’ve surprised him with my tenacity with writing. It’s the one crazy idea that the nagging voices in the back of my head are encouraging me to hang with. I’m closing in on releasing my eighth book, and have so many more on my list, I may not ever get them all written.

My craziest idea was thinking I could do the business part of self-publishing my own books. The business part of my brain never developed well so I’m not good at it. It’s way out of my comfort zone, but I have to do it anyway.

Through all my crazy ideas, Hubby’s been there cheering me on. That’s one of the best things of marrying your best friend. He’s there to help when you need it. So, thanks, Hubby, for letting me follow my crazy ideas!

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  1. Loved hearing this! For years, I referred to my husband as my “patron of the arts,” because it brought in (brings in) so little money. I believe I should begin calling him the “patron of my heart.” Hey! A blog post idea! So thrilled to hear about your book #8 and crossing my fingers and saying a prayer over those other books nestled (im)patiently in their computer files waiting for you to tell their stories.

  2. You are a great artist and I enjoy one of your paintings that I have hanging in my bedroom every day! Thank you for sharing your talents and crazy ideas!

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