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Heartwarming Small-Town Romances and Thrilling Mysteries

Have you ever been mixed up in something and wondered how you got there? I have. One notable time still makes Hubby double over in laughter.

We were in Eugene, Oregon on a trip. We spent the night within sight of Duck Stadium so everything was green and yellow. The next morning, we went to a farmer’s market Hubby had heard was really good. We got there early when everyone was setting up so we walked around the downtown area seeing the sights. When we came back to the market, things were starting to pick up. Most of the people seemed like old hippies who made trinkets and sold crystals and fortune-telling services. Intermixed in those were vegetable farmers who we were actually there to see.

I was trying to get past a crowd of people, thinking Hubby was right behind me. As I went into the crowd, they closed in around me. All at once, they all lifted kazoos and percussion triangles and off we marched. I was in the middle of the opening band ceremony and couldn’t get out of this tightly packed group. I was pushed along with them as they marched around the square. The whole time I’m saying “excuse me, excuse me” as I tried to get to the edge. Round the square we went, kazooing and tingalinging. Eventually I made it to the edge of the group and was free about the time they were done with their opening song. I had to stand to the side and gather myself, ruffled and baffled about how I ever ended up in that group. Hubby was way behind, busting a gut laughing at me.

Hubby won’t let me forget how I was carried off with the hippie band with their kazoos. It was an awkward moment, and I’m sure they wondered who the square was marching with them. They probably still laugh about it too.

Whenever I get pulled into something that gets away from me, I feel like I’m marching in a hippie kazoo band again. Whenever are circumstances seem out of control, I think of me in that crowd. The edge seems a long way away for getting out of the commitment or situation, but the way out is there if I work hard enough to make it there.

If you get caught in a kazoo-band situation, remember to keep marching but work your way to the edge. You’ll find more space and air once you get free. And next time, stay clear of the crowds.

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  1. Sorry but I would have been laughing with your hubby–not at you but at the great fun in general. What a treat to have a kazoo parade! I imagine I’d have been one of the “musicians”–even adding a dance step or two. Love your lesson learned though!

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