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Fall has arrived. How do I know? It’s not the leaves starting to turn. It’s not the garden plants looking tired. It’s not the coolness in the air.

My sign of fall arriving is Hubby coming home from his summer job. He’ll be pointing his cabin-on-wheels to the west and coming over the mountains. He’s had a wild summer. We avoided 17 inches of snow the day after we got there by leaving the area. He avoided a flash flood when he moved the motorhome the day before it happened. He’s bicycled all summer without getting rained on even though it rained everywhere he wasn’t. The Lord has watched over him very closely. Thank you, Lord! After our crazy trip over (see my previous post called Plans Gone Awry), we’re hoping for a smoother journey home. We may still run into adverse weather because the Absaroka Mountains already have snow and more is forecasted.

With the arrival of fall, my days of freedom are over. I’ll lose control of the TV remote as soon as he gets here. My office will revert to being the den again. I won’t be able to fix a meal without considering if he likes it or not. If I want to go somewhere, I have to tell him first and give him an idea of when I’ll be back. The peace and quiet of home will be replaced with XM radio and his chattering about what he read online. I’ll have to sit in the dark when we watch TV at night.

I enjoy my free time. I get a lot done without interruptions, but some days, I tend to get a lot of sitting done. I dug out a knitting project that I’ve worked on while I binge watch The Good Witch on Netflix at night. I’ve enjoyed being able to turn on the light at night. That way I can sew, read, or knit while watching.

As sad as that makes me, it’ll be nice to have someone else around to unload the dishwasher and dryer. Someone else can put gas in the car. Someone else to buy groceries and cook. Someone else to do yard work and rake leaves. Someone to shovel snow when it comes. And someone else can take the trash and recycling out. So it’s not all bad.

It’ll be nice to have Hubby safe at home again. His to-do list is huge, and it’s time he got started on it.

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