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Heartwarming Small-Town Romances and Thrilling Mysteries

The other day, Hubby and I went for a drive through the countryside. I loved seeing all the fields, farm animals, barns, and the brown earth that had been freshly plowed. Trucks were hauling large crates of onions to the warehouses so the smell of onions filled the air. It’s similar to the feedlot smell, not the kind of air you want to take a deep breath in.

Our trip reminded me of a Native American elder who spoke at a conference I went to years ago. He said the trouble with people nowadays is they never touched the ground. They walk, drive, and live on things that keep them from touching the dirt. He said people needed to walk around, feel the dirt under their feet and let spirit of Mother Earth heal them.

What he said is true. Touching the ground is invigorating. That may be why I love flower gardening so much and digging in the dirt. It’s probably why Hubby loves bicycling so much. The opportunity to touch the ground keeps him excited about it. Just don’t do like me and HIT the ground while biking. Hikers love being outside, but in addition, they’re touching the earth as they walk. Walking on trails through trees, along ponds, and anywhere you’re off the sidewalk is reviving and restorative. Maybe the elder’s advice needs to be followed more often.

“Earthing” or “grounding” is a therapy that doesn’t get much attention. It involves spending time touching the ground. Claims are that it helps stress, anxiety, depression, and cardiovascular issues. The concept hasn’t been widely studied, but it seems a simple, non-invasive method of treating yourself to free therapy. It won’t hurt you and has few side effects. Click here for more information.

When I think about the “spirit of Mother Earth” healing us, I wonder if the planet gives off vibrations that are undetected by people in general. We’re all passengers on this big rock that belches lava from the roiling magma under the core. It rumbles with earthquakes while we stand on earthly plates that float on top of the underground ocean of magma. Meteors hit the earth, causing ripple effects along the surface. The ground under our feet is a dynamic thing, going 67,000 miles per hour around a star that spews cosmic rays at us. The Creation is an amazing and holy place.

So go outside and get off the sidewalk. Feel the earth under your feet. I hope it will make you feel better.

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  1. Lovely sentiment. I’ll leave the gardening to you though, dear Carol Sue. And, yes, I have heard that the earth does indeed vibrate. I imagine it is God breathing life into everything on our big blue planet.

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