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Heartwarming Small-Town Romances and Thrilling Mysteries

Hubby and I returned from our long-planned winter trip. When we were putting together the logistics of the trip, we never dreamed an unseen hitchhiker might tag along. When we left, only a few states had confirmed cases of the coronavirus; by the time we got home, almost every state had cases. It really exploded, leaving us wondering if we should have even started out on our trip, but it was too late to turn around.

A few days before the trip, we debated about cancelling it because of the coronavirus plague that seemed headed our way. The biggest fear was spreading it to our elderly parents; after that it was getting quarantined somewhere without a way to get home. Phone calls to our parents to tell them we may not come were short and sweet: “Please, PLEASE, come.” Doing the research, we were leaving a place with no reports of the virus and going to states where there were only a few cases reported far away or none reported. Unable to deny their heartfelt pleas, we decided to go.

Our short visits with our parents were rewarding for us and all too short for them. The four days with each were filled with talks, activities, smiles, and lots of eating. We weren’t going to hug them, but we couldn’t fend them off. I’ve said a lot of prayers that we didn’t carry any viral hitchhikers to them. So far so good, but I continue to pray for them and everyone else.

We enjoy our visits with our elderly parents because we never know which one will be the last. If you think about it, that can be said with anyone of any age. Time is precious and finite. Spending it with family and friends is a priority, but I still feel slightly stressed about being with them after using public transportation.

Hubby and I came home to empty cupboards. This winter Hubby checked the expiration dates on everything and was not happy. He threw out all our expired stuff (I’m ashamed to say how much there was), and we ate all the “old” stuff about to expire. The idea was that after our trip, we’d restock the shelves with promises to not wait too long to eat it.

When we finally made it to the grocery store, we looked like two of the hoarding masses. Our cart was piled high with canned goods, produce, and breads, not because we’re hoarding but because we needed to restock.  On the bottom was laundry detergent and paper towels, just happenstance that we were low in those. I’m grateful toilet paper has no expiration date and we had enough of that. Those shelves were totally bare everywhere we went. I’m still confused on why people are stocking up on it so much.

This year’s winter trip was a memorable one, not because of the weather or driving conditions, but because of the virus sweeping the planet. I still pray for people with it and for all the healthcare workers laboring to help those who are sick. I hope you’ll pray for everyone too. I also hope we’re all around someday to say we lived through the great Pandemic of 2020.

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