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Heartwarming Small-Town Romances and Thrilling Mysteries

Hubby and I are staying home these days. Our age and my asthma push us into the high-risk category for COVID-19 so prudence forces us to shelter in place. Our quarantine comes when Hubby is usually busy getting ready for his summer sojourn to South Dakota. For now, that trip may be postponed until July. Time will tell for sure.

We’ve been able to see our grandsons via the computer. We do art projects together, I read a book to them, my grandson reads a book to me, they dance and bounce all over the place. The youngest grandson loves being read to, but art is not his cup of tea. He usually runs away to do other things when we’re making animals on paper. But we get to see each other and talk. That’s what’s most important, thanks to technology.

We’ve been edified and uplifted by sermons given online. Some of the speakers we don’t know, but the words they speak are the Truth. Some speakers we know well and it’s good to hear them speak again. It’s wonderful to hear and see our family in Christ, thanks to technology.

Dear friends gave me a precious gift of congregational gospel singing. I downloaded it to my computer and enjoy it often. They also sent me a songbook so I can sing along with everyone which is good because I don’t know some of the songs. I am blessed to have such wonderful friends, blessed to know such good singers, and blessed to sing along. They are blessed not to have to hear me, thanks to technology.

I text friends and family often. News, both good and bad, and photos are easily shared quickly. A new great-grandniece just joined our family. I’ve already seen her picture; it’s love at first sight. I’m grateful to have the ability to easily stay in touch with people I love and care about, thanks to technology.

Staying at home to preserve health isn’t as isolating as it used to be, thanks to technology. Food is easy to order and pick up, thanks to technology. When used wisely, technology is a wonderful thing, and I’m thankful for it.

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  1. Agree. I love technology even when it doesn’t love me. We’ve appreciated “attending” church online, keeping up with friends, and getting things done–shopping, researching, writing and video phoning family.

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