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I feel like I’m living in the land of I Don’t Know. For months, it’s been almost impossible to make plans. Is something we wanted to attend going to occur? We don’t know. When will you know? We don’t know.

This week was supposed to be the West Texas Writers Academy. I’ve attended every year since 2014, and I looked forward to it with great anticipation. The tribe of writers who go there fuel my enthusiasm and fervor for writing. This year, I’d signed up for a class about writing romance and humor with a teacher whose books were turned into Hallmark movies. I already had my notebook and pens ready to go, plus my plane reservation was free with my miles. But WTWA was cancelled. I understand why, and it was a good decision to cancel it, but it doesn’t assuage my deep disappointment. But I will sorely miss the camaraderie and learning WTWA provides. I hope they’ll give the same classes next year because I really want to learn how to write humorous romance. But who knows.

Another summer highlight was our annual Church Camp Meeting. The amazing fellowship, preaching, and singing are always highlights of my summers. For months, we waited for word. Was it going to happen or not? They didn’t know. Recently we got word that it was cancelled this year. I understand why and it was a good decision, but wow, will I ever miss that good edification and building up. And I will really miss that wonderful congregational singing. Here’s hoping we can do it next year, but who knows.

Hubby and I have been talking about moving. Why? Mostly because real estate where we are is very high and in other places it’s lower. Plus we’d love to get a single level house. While stairs don’t bother us much now, our springing up them has slowed considerably and I’ve fallen down them once. So we’ve considered moving to towns closer to our children or to go back to South Dakota where Hubby loves to be. One has mild winters, the other has harsh ones. The one has little outdoor activities for Hubby, the other has many. We’ve also talked about staying where we are where there are both, but we can’t afford to buy a single-level home here. So what will we do? We don’t know.

Hubby usually spends summers in South Dakota. This year, he volunteered to clean outhouses for the rail-trail there in exchange for a summer of free camping. The campsite he’d have was a really nice one next to a lake with full hookups. It was a sweet deal until COVID-19 hit. Will he go there this year? We don’t know. He’s still trying to decide what to do, go there or explore the region where we live. I’m still waiting to decide on what I’m going to do until I know what he’s going to do. We don’t know what will come.

I hate this place of I Don’t Know. Life has its uncertainties, but it seems lately there are a lot more. Until we can get to a better place, and as long as I have a safe, dry, warm/cool place to stay, I’ll be contented with that and wait to see what comes. It’s like watching a game: who knows what the outcome will be, but we stay in the stands and cheer for the home team.

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  1. There’s a whole lot here to say wow about. Especially the idea of moving ’cause that affects ME (as in missing you). Yes, there’s a lot of uncertainty but underneath it all life is generally pretty darned good. Here’s hoping we get out of I don’t know soon.

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