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Photo of most of my pens and markers, but just a few of my journals.

For some reason, I’m drawn to pens. All kinds and colors of pens. I’m not obsessed with them, but if I see one or two or ten that look appealing, I get it them. Or take it when it’s free. As a result, I have quite a collection.

I don’t collect them like some people collect stamps or antiques. I collect them in that I use them until the run out of ink, then throw them away. But how long does it take to run out of ink in a hundred pens? I’m beginning to see that I have enough pen ink to last me for decades.

The cheap clear-plastic-barrel Bic pens have always been a favorite. They write very well and remind me of my high school days.

I like gel pens but they have a nasty habit of smearing easily. If you handle them right, they do really well.

My favorite pen is a TUL pen. It flows like silk over paper, like a Mercedes over the road. I found a set of those in a bargain bin, and I’m glad I made that impulse buy.

One of my pens has a crown on it and is inscribed Queen of Everything. I use that one when I’m feeling down.

I have several colorful M&M pens that are fun to use. They match one of my journals. Those I picked up at the M&M store in Las Vegas last Christmas.

My Suzy Toronto pen has Trust Your Crazy Ideas and Color Outside the Lines on it. With that kind of encouragement, it’s fun to use. It writes very nicely as well. I use it to write letters a lot of the time.

Sharpie pens are used for books signings and addressing packages. The ink is so powerful that I have to be careful where I use it. If the paper is too thin, it bleeds through. The main thing is once it’s on paper (or fabric), it’s there to stay. I love all the colors they come in too.

With all those pens, I have to have something to use them on so I also have a assemblage of journals. I’ve talked about my collection of journals before (see this link) so that shouldn’t surprise you. Some of them are full of conference notes or meeting notes. Some have all kinds of sticky notes hanging out of them, marking what is where. Some are blank, just waiting for me to put something creative and inspirational in them.

I’m such a sucker for journals. The potential they hold pulls me to them. I can put a whole world inside, or works of wisdom, doodle and scribble pictures, or reflections on an unusual day or event. They will become whatever I want them to and that excites me. I see them on the shelves of bookstores and I want more and more and more of them. It’s hard to walk away without buying one.

What do I do with all these pens? Use them! They don’t take up a lot of space. I say that now. When I started on my writing journey, I had maybe a handful of pens, and now look at what I’ve got. A giant basket full. I may have have overdone it a little. I think I’ll treat them like clothes. A new thing in and an old one out.

And the journals? I’ll have Hubby build more bookshelves. But I’m not obsessed with it.

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  1. I like old fashioned lead pencils. I buy them every holiday at Dollar Tree in packs of 10 or 12. Then I sharpen them until they hurt if I poke myself. No, I’m not obsessed either (she said as she hid the half dozen on her desk…)

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