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The only season I decorate my house for is Christmas. This year, all our decorations are buried under multiple layers of boxes in the storage unit. I didn’t want to dig out our stockings, ornaments, and assorted other Yuletide trinkets. Yet, it didn’t feel quite like Christmas without a tree or stockings. I wanted a tree to get me in the spirit of the season. So off to Walmart I went.

If you’ve listened to the news at all recently, South Dakota is always mentioned as the hottest spot for Covid right now. It’s not surprising considering few people wear masks, restaurants and bars are open, and there are no restrictions on how large gatherings can be. Being avid mask wearers, Hubby and I avoid going into stores as much as possible and avoid being where too many people are.

I needed several things from Walmart so off we went early one morning, hoping to avoid the rush. The place was more crowded than we liked, but we only needed a couple of things so we figured we’d grab what we needed and get out fast. My heart was set on getting a little artificial Christmas tree, and I wasn’t leaving without one. More people were in that section than I was comfortable being around which made me nervous. I quickly looked through the boxes of trees. Most were white but I wanted a green one. I finally found one box labeled Indiana Pine so I grabbed it. It had to be green, right? We hightailed it out of Walmart, after paying of course.

When we opened the box of my new Christmas decoration, it wasn’t green, but black. I’d bought a black Christmas tree! I had no idea they made such things. We talked about taking it back, but the idea of waiting in an unmasked line to exchange my little tree didn’t appeal to me. And Hubby didn’t want to do it. We stood there looking at it and decided to keep it. It’s a good symbol for 2020. It’s not what we wanted, but it’s what we got. Let’s make the best of it and be content with what we have.

Every night, I turn the lights on my black Christmas tree and feel a twinge of seasonal cheer. It would be much cuter if it had red and gold balls on it, but I’m not mingling with the crowds to get some. Besides, the few packages sitting under it provide color.

As Hubby and I get into a new routine, we’re feeling more comfortable in our surroundings. Our little black tree gives the place a cheerful aura and makes a great place to put our gifts. The anticipation for Christmas Eve is building. It’s a lovely season of the year!

4 Responses

  1. I’d not heard about a black Christmas tree but the idea appeals to me. I’ve been mulling a thought around in my head about how trees are symbolic both for Jesus’ birth (evergreen) and death (Scripture versions reference the cross as a “tree.”) So your little black tree might have more significance than you first thought. Enjoy!

  2. I have not seen a black tree, but like how you have adjusted to this surprise. I am more surprised that WalMart was allowing the unmasked to wander the aisles as when I was there (southside) last Wednesday, I did not see a single person without a mask.

  3. Carol. It’s a cute tree. Hobby lobby has nice things there and u must mask. We go back to SD in a few days. I need to shop. In AZ everyone masks up. Going to be hard seeing all those people without them. Makes me nervous

  4. It is a unique little tree. I would probably have to girly it up with some bright pink…Minnie Mouse would be cute. I can just imagine the expression on your face when you opened the box…haha

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