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Whew! We made it through 2020. As glad as we are to move away from the hard year, don’t forget to pray for all those who lost so much in 2020, who lost loved ones to COVID, lost their businesses, lost their jobs, lost their homes to fire and flood, and lost a place to learn and have at least one good meal a day. They still need our prayers in the new year.

As 2021 arrives, I think about what I want to get accomplished this year. As we experienced last year, things don’t always turn out the way we want them, but it’s nice to have plans in case they do. Here’s my list of what I’d like to get accomplished this year:

  1. The usual study the Bible more, lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, and all the other resolutions that get rolled forward every year still apply.
  2. Write every day. I want to publish at least one book this year. I missed out on publishing one last year so I’m behind schedule. Here’s my sub-list to accomplish this (so I can see it):
    • Finish the Christmas romance.
    • Start on the historical fiction series I have planned and plotted.
    • Get my middle grade book polished and possibly start plotting it into a series.
    • Start on my creative nonfiction memoir.
    • Plot out the queendom series.
    • Plot any other ideas that come to mind while doing all those other things.
  3. Read more nonfiction. Indulge my history buff side. This will help with writing the historical novels I’d love to write.
  4. Go hiking with Hubby more when he does easy day trips but stay home when he does long strenuous treks.
  5. Be more observant of current events. I recently ran across the term cult of personality, and I’d like to know how not to fall victim to it. It reminds me of I John 4:1.
  6. Work more crossword puzzles. My mind needs the workout to stay fit.
  7. Put down my phone and spend more time in the quiet to meditate and think deeply. A quiet mind is a good place to invite God in. Psalms 46:10
  8. Get the COVID vaccination. After the proper waiting time, I will hug everybody I know twice to make up for last year!
  9. Find a writers group to be involved with. Also, look for a critique partner.
  10. Do more random acts of kindness.

I think that’s an adequate list of goals for this year. Like any to-do list, it will fluctuate with what’s going on and what unexpectedly happens.

I hope you’ll take the time to write out your own list of goals for the year. Having some sort of plan is better than floating around wondering what you should do next. Focused efforts get you more and farther than winging it.

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