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Heartwarming Small-Town Romances and Thrilling Mysteries

We’re finally in our new home. It’s not a new home, but new to us. We did so much fixing on it that Hubby calls it our Project House. It isn’t the romantic name I had in mind, but I understand why he calls it that. It’s nickled-and-dimed us (more like dollared-and-dollared us) way more than first anticipated. There are still things to do to it, like replacing all the concrete, but we’ll get to them eventually. Whoever buys this house from us will get it in much better shape than we bought it. Maybe they’ll give it a pretty name like Far View Manor or Sun In My Eyes Condo.

In some ways, I envy people who’ve lived in their houses for decades. They’ve never had to adapt to new routines or solve the problem of not knowing where things should go or whine about not having enough closet space. They’ve never had to change their addresses and phone numbers repeatedly. They know the people around them and the history of the neighborhood. They’ve never had to go through every single thing they own, no matter how small, cram it into a box, and hope they find it again.

This is our seventh move since we got married. For most of our moves, a moving company came in, packed all our belongings, moved everything, unloaded it at our new house, and offered to unpack for us (we declined that service). Then Hubby would go off to work and leave me in a house full of boxes. It may sound terrible but it wasn’t. I got to organize the house like I wanted without interference. Our system worked well.

This move has been very different. Hubby’s unpacking with me, and we have different ideas on how to organize the house. We’ve gotten in each other’s way a lot. No worries, though, we’re still married and working through it. We got rid of a lot of stuff before we moved, but we’re finding things we wished we hadn’t brought with us. I already have a grocery bag or two for a thrift store donation.

Slowly, we’re getting things organized and finding places for everything. There are several things I need that I haven’t been able to find like my matching shower curtain, towels, and bath rug. I hope they’ll turn up soon in the bottom of a box somewhere. I bought a new shower curtain and found some old towels to fill in until we’ve emptied every box.

Our bedroom has a sliding glass door that faces east. I’ve needed sunglasses starting about six every morning because we didn’t have the curtain hung yet. Sunrise is a beautiful sight but not when it’s shining in your sleepy eyes. This night owl tried to bury her head under a pillow and the covers but that initial blast of sunlight that interrupted my REM phase won’t let me settle down again enough to sleep. After two mornings of that, the curtain was hung up.

So we’re getting settled as we begin to develop a new routine. No pictures this time since our boxes are nothing to look at and clutter the décor. Maybe later. I hope my writing time will become more steady and I can get back to work on that book I said I wanted out by Christmas. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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  1. Sounds like your getting it done. We also have had people move us, if there is a next time, it will be on us. Not sure I am up for that! Enjoy, I’m sure you will eventually find everything! Lol

  2. we have been in our home since May 25th 1980. Lets see that’s almost 41 years. Might I say we have remodeled 100% of that home. not a window is the same, walls removed, rooms added. but no we have never had to change our address although we don’t have a home phone any more. Lari and I will be anxious to see your new home once you get settled this summer. Happy you are in SD, and look forward to move times together. Linda and Lari

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