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The first warm days of spring have arrived, and it’s put me in a very thankful mood. Rather than keep them to myself, I’ll share what I’m thankful for in the hope that you can find things to be thankful for as well.

First, I’m thankful to Hubby’s aunt and uncle who allowed us to live in their nice, warm house all winter. It allowed us to look for houses without having to rent an apartment in the interim. While I felt homeless and very strained this winter, it was a personal problem and not a result of the comfortable place where I was living. I was thankful for the home’s proximity to restaurants which allowed quick delivery of very hot pizza. I’m thankful the indoor plants stayed alive until they got home. Before Aunt left, I warned her I was an inadvertent executor of indoor plants, but between Hubby and I, we kept them going. So a big, huge, enormous thank you to Aunt and Uncle for allowing us to live in their home this past winter.

I’m thankful for Zoom. While many people complain of virtual meetings, I loved them. I could visit with people and be a part of groups and church services from long distance. This helped me make it through the long winter days. Special thanks to:

I want to thank God for the mild winter. I dreaded the bitter cold and deep snow during our first winter back, but we only experienced three significant snow events and only a week or two of bitter cold. While the farmers, ranchers, and irrigators don’t like it the lack of moisture, I appreciated the easy weather transition.

I also want to thank God for good health through the winter. Thus far, Hubby and I have been well. With a sigh of relief at having avoided Covid, we have our vaccinations. We’re thinking this mask-wearing thing might be a good idea next flu and cold season. It seems to work for that as well.

Lastly, I want to thank my blog readers and all those who read my books over the winter. You keep me going with your comments and reviews. Thank you very much for that. Please, keep it up!

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