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It finally happened. After months of unsettled, constantly moving routines, I had a dull week. Nothing earth-shattering happened. Hubby was able to handle each crisis with relative ease. I made progress on my projects. Some may not like dull times, but I do. It means all is well, and I’m settled.

The highlights of my week were lunch with a friend and a long phone call with another. I learned about a writing group in town which gives me hope of finding fellow writers here.

Hubby has been busy with little chores and projects all week. Painting a cabinet in the garage, installing pull-out drawers, getting the air conditioner fixed. That last thing was monumental this past week. Temperatures here neared 100 degrees. While it’s cool in the basement, the rest of the house felt like an oven. His several calls to the home warranty people paid off, and a repairman fixed it a day after our heat wave hit.

I found the best way for me to help Hubby is to stay out of his way.  His handyman methods are well established, and I seem to throw a monkey wrench into them when I try to help. To keep peace in our home, it’s best if I restrict my efforts to the final inspection and approval of the results. If he needs my help, I’m happy to give it. Otherwise, I focus on my writing, housecleaning, and cooking.

Some might see this as splitting of duties into man jobs and woman jobs. That’s not it at. It’s based on ability. It’s more about sharing chores and making sure everything gets done well and is kept in good working order. We’re a team, each with our own specialties. I’m not a tool person so I’d be worthless at installing or repairing anything. I clean bathrooms; he doesn’t and that’s all I’ll say about that. I can paint, but so can he; therefore, whoever is free does it. He’s a good cook and so am I; therefore, whoever wants to gets to cook. When neither of us want to, we can both drive; therefore, off we go to the nearest restaurant or fast-food joint. Such a nice partnership!

I’m happy will our “dull” lives and support of each other. Not to say there aren’t cranky moments, but overall, it’s a great system. I think we’ll stick with it for a few more years. Only 15 years left before renegotiation.

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