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Heartwarming Small-Town Romances and Thrilling Mysteries

By Andrea Porter

Well, folks, I won the COVID lottery.  I think Jensen did too, but our experiences were totally different.  We both contracted the corona virus in October 2020.  Jensen was sick (headache, fever) for two days and then fine.  It took me a month to get back to work and another two months before I could return to my regular activity.  In February I took the Pfizer two-dose vaccine and Jensen took the one-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine.  Then I contracted COVID again this month.  Jensen almost certainly would have also contracted it from me, but only one of us got sick—the COVID lottery winner. 

Here’s a chart of our first experience

Jensen                                                  Andrea

Day 0     eats terribly and loves life             in best physical and mental shape of her entire life

Day 1     starts feeling bad on walk             starts feeling bad 12 hours later

Day 2     tests positive for COVID                test positive for COVID

Day 3     stays in bed                                   thinking this is just like a cold, what’s the big deal

Day 4     feeling good                                 still feeling like a cold and that this virus thing is overblown

Day 5     100% again                                    diarrhea and vomit onset at same time

Day 6     watches TV all day                         gets worse.  Can’t breathe too well

Day 7     bored out of mind at home          still sick

Day 8     ready to work again!                     Still sick

Day 9     why is quarantine this long          50 feet to kitchen is like walking 6 miles

Day 10  this quarantine is crazy                  can’t get out of bed

Day 11  drives around to get out                goes to doctor again – doctor says “hang in there.”

Day 12 walking neighborhood                    still in bed

Day 13   can’t wait to go to work               feeling a little better

Day 14. Out of quarantine celebration    feeling much better; went for short walk

Day 15  Went to work                                  feeling much worse

Day 16  Life is good                                     Health Dept says stay in another week

Day 17   I <3 teaching                                  still sick

Day 18  getting drive through food           extreme fatigue. Cannot. Do. Anything.

Day 18  loving all the drive thru food       On a 1 to 10 scale, -10 energy level

Day 19   eating lots of ice cream                feeling okay, no energy

Day 20. Happy, happy, happy                    working on iPad in chair at home takes so much energy 

Day 21  eating cookies                               thinking I’m never going to be well again; panic attacks set in

Day 22 eating cookies and ice cream        cleared for work

Day 23. Loving life                                      hard to walk 50 feet to door office from car

Day 24. Watching Steelers on YouTube   can only sit at desk all day.  Cannot walk around office.

… get the idea on Jensen                    ….long-haul fatigue is real and mentally challenging with
pre-existing anxiety disorder

Three months after onset, I could finally do a regular workout.

As for the vaccines, Jensen never even knew he had a shot. I got my first shot on a Tuesday and was sick with diarrhea and vomiting Friday night to Saturday morning, but okay on Saturday afternoon.  The second shot was also on Tuesday, and on Friday night I again had diarrhea and vomiting, but felt fatigued and sick all day Saturday too.

I think Corona is biased against red-haired, blue-eyed people.

Thankfully, the experience with COVID after the vaccine was much different. I was exposed on a Friday about noon and by the time I got home, I was so tired, I just laid on the couch all night. The only time I have ever done that is with COVID, so it crossed my mind that it could be COVID, but on Saturday and Sunday I felt normal and didn’t think a second thing about it. But on Tuesday, I started feeling sick and went directly to the doctor for a test. It came back negative, but I went home and rested. That night came the diarrhea and vomiting—simultaneously like “usual”—so I knew.  The next day I went to my doctor who tested me and again it was negative! “Unbelievable!” I told them. “I’ve had this before and I know that’s what I have.”  He believed me because he had my visit from October to compare. 

Thankfully, symptoms started subsiding Friday, and I was just tired. I went back to work on Tuesday (according to 10-day COVID rule), came home, slept an hour, ate, slept until Wednesday morning. Wednesday, I went to bed after 8 and slept until Thursday morning. Thursday, I was 100 percent back-to-normal and 200 percent grateful I had received the vaccine!

During this second infection, Jensen just ate his ice cream and cookies like normal and never had any signs or symptoms of the virus.

So folks, here are the morals of the story:

A mother’s side note: It’s very hard to hear how bad your children feel when they’re sick, even after they’re grown up. Andrea’s experience with the Covid vaccine is much different than what Hubby and I experienced. You can’t assume you’ll have a reaction or if it will be bad. Take the chance and get the vaccine to protect yourself and your loved ones. And don’t forget to wear a mask when prudent.

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