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It’s been an interesting week. I have a Twitter account because every writers’ meetings I’ve been to, someone says I should have one. I’m beginning to question that.

I posted a simple thing, something like I was happy my case of Covid was mild and was glad I had the vaccinations because the hospital was full. I meant I was glad I was healthy again and it hadn’t been worse. I shouldn’t have said anything because a firestorm ensued. I was berated by an enraged group of people I don’t know, called all sorts of ugly names, and told I was a fool by people who touted knowing the “real truth” using adjectives that I don’t normally allow around me.

The incident made me rethink my Twitter account. I get very little benefit from it other than being able to say I have an account at meetings. As a member of the Twitter #WritingCommunity, there are occasionally very good writing tips or someone asks a question I can help with. Those are the only reasons to stay.

I watched a program that reminded me that what you feed inside you is the person you become. Will you feed the beast or the human? Whichever one you care for, feed, and encourage will abound and take you over. Which do you want to be? A beast or a human? We cannot love one another if we’re busy criticizing. We cannot see the good in people if our vision is dark. Who will you feed?

I choose to feed my human inside. I have no desire to fight or argue; I have Hubby for that. To keep all the ugliness and hatefulness of people proselytizing their point of view away from me, my new mantra is “Therefore let us pursue the things which make for peace and the things by which we may edify (build up) each other” (Romans 14:19).

So how will I feed my human? By trying not to use the V-word or C-word anymore. It seems to feed the beast in others. I’ll keep my opinions about controversial topics to myself, so I don’t feed the beasts of others. I will block negativity from my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I can’t let them go because I love the writing good tips and all my friends I keep in touch with via social media. I need my friends. They feed my human inside. I’ll read more and watch less news. I’ll mind my own business and watch what I say so it’s not hurtful. I’ll love others as I love myself.

If more people join me in this, maybe some of the noise will die down. It will be easier to see truth without so much clutter around it.

…that you also aspire to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your own hands… (I Thessalonians 4:11)

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  1. Carol, I really liked this post on your blog. I am glad you had the vaccine and avoided taxing our exhausted hospital staff. My mom and sister have both been hospitalized in Rapid City in the last six weeks (NOT for COVID), and I see firsthand the burden our healthcare system is facing. My daughter in Albuquerque is also finishing medical school at UNM in Albuquerque and the burden on these professionals due to (mostly unvaccinated) covid patients is beyond belief. People wait hours for a bed; ICU patients are accommodated in hallways.

    When you know someone in the healthcare system facing this onslaught, your perspective changes. I’m sad that people chose to criticize you, but I’m grateful that you (like me) are taking the most cautious steps to avoid hospitalization, reduce risk to others and save our healthcare system. It’s more fragile than many realize and folks like my family members desperately need it to be available.

  2. Carol, I’m so glad you are feeling better and that you only suffered a mild version of this mess – I’m sorry too that in this day and age of social media- people can attack others viciously and without regard to others… Stay safe, warm and happy while writing- love you big time!

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