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My project in the evenings this past week has been to organize and remove photos from my phone. The whole thing started when I was looking for a certain photo and had to scroll through seemingly endless other ones to find the one I wanted. It was time to thin them out and moved into folders on Dropbox.

Storing our photos in the cloud is really nice. We have access to them anywhere we have wi-fi or cell service. They take up no room in the house. Our kids won’t have to wonder what to do with all the boxes of photos when we’re gone.

One of the best parts of electronic photos is the ease of sorting them into folders. I have folders for each trip we’ve made, folders where I put pictures of my friends, folders for my family, one for scenery by state, a folder for friends, and especially folders for my grandsons. Initially, I put them into separate folders but ended up having a folder for each year and throwing them in together. It’s much easier that way, plus I know when the picture was taken.

Before we left Boise, we had all our slides and home movies digitized and stored on thumb drives and on the cloud. Then we sent copies to our family members who starred in those movies. Another advantage to electronic photos is the ease of sharing them.

While organizing, I came across a lot of photos I’d forgotten about. Some of them had people who are now departed so they brought a tear to the eye. I forwarded some to their relatives and widows. In return, I got sweet notes back. The photo had provided some cheer in a dreary day.

I’m thankful for the electronics of this age. We can keep in touch very easily with family and friends who live far away. We can have countless photos that remind us of special times and people in our lives. They are all available at our fingertips whenever we want them. When organized well, they’re easy to find. They can provide a smile when you’re feeling down.

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