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Another birthday has come and gone, but I don’t feel any older. My daughter sent me a birthday card about still being 29, and I won’t argue with her. My mother-in-law was 29 for most of her life. When Hubby turned 29, she sent him a birthday card that said, “Now we’re the same age!”

I have a friend who says not to use 29 but use any number that doesn’t end in 9. People know you’re lying when you tell them you’re 29, but they usually don’t respond when you say you’re 32. It’s a good way to end the age discussion.

Hubby’s birthday is six days before mine. Generally, we don’t do much to celebrate other than maybe go out to Denny’s for a free breakfast. We have cake or some sweet treat that isn’t normally on the menu, and that’s it. Hubby usually buys his own gift and tells me what I got him for his birthday. I either buy mine or tell him to go buy it for me. No surprises involved but there’s seldom a trip to return something.

This year, we received rather large gifts for our birthday, anniversary, Christmas, and any other gift-giving occasion this year. As you know, we recently returned from our vacation to Maui which was a gift for both of us. The other gift to us is a new vehicle.

I wrote a blog about our old cars (Old Cars, Small Bank Accounts) saying how we were driving a car and a truck both 20+ years old. One day last month, we went out to eat at lunch, and Hubby suggested that we go look at what was on the Honda lot. Nothing serious, but just to see what they had. We come from a family of Honda owners so naturally it was our first stop.

Sitting alone on the lot was a red Honda Ridgeline. The salesman persuaded us to drive it around just to see how it felt (very comfortable!). It had a multitude of bells, whistles, and safety features our old car didn’t (isn’t that nice!) and heated seats (they’d feel SO good in the winter), but we were just looking. We said we’d think about it and left.

We drove Subarus and Hyundais, but none of them compared to the Ridgeline. Hubby did the research and found the price to be reasonable (at least for these days and even though it was more than it cost to build our first house), and we liked the color. We kept telling ourselves we could wait; we weren’t in any hurry. Funny how you can tell yourself those things, but you keep finding ways around it.

Long story short, we bought a brand-new Ridgeline with 28 miles on it. It drives like a dream and is quiet inside. I love it in so many ways. This may be the last vehicle we buy since we get one every 20 years, and I’m glad it’s such a fun one. Hubby keeps making suggestions on how to “fix” it up, and I love it the way it is. We’ll have to wait until our next birthdays to see who gets her way.

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