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Hubby and I enjoyed a wonderful trip to Idaho and Washington in the past couple of weeks. I attended the Idaho Writers Guild conference where I saw many writer and editor friends, plus I got to spend some time with my other friends as well. Hubby got to ride the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes with his cousin who is as bicycle-crazy as he is.

Upon first arriving in Boise, I went straight to my beloved hairdresser for a trim. She’s a dear friend, and it was good to see her again. I got there a little early so I could enjoy sitting and listening to the conversations. It didn’t take her long to do my hair, but we constantly talked the whole time. I teared up when it was time to leave. I miss her so much. Our hug was a long one, so she misses me too. Once again, I left looking prettier and happier than when I went in. I look forward to the next time I can go.

We hit our favorite Boise store and dropped a bunch of money. We went to the ice cream place that has non-dairy ice cream so Hubby could enjoy a treat. There, we met friends from my high school and enjoyed that visit immensely.

The conference was wonderful. I finally got to meet with my critique group partners face-to-face. I got caught up with a lot of friends who attended. I see them online, but nothing beats talking in person. The workshops were great and very informative. I got a critique on a novelette that was flat, and I couldn’t figure out why. The excellent editor, also a friend, helped me discover what’s so off about it. I can’t wait to get it fixed and ready for release. I also won a couple of writing awards and had new photos taken for my website.

We drove by the house we used to live in, and I’m glad we sold it. It’s in a high-density neighborhood that has become even denser since we left. Across the street from our house (which is for sale again) where we used to see across the river and pond to downtown, they are building very tall three-story homes. Our little two-story building was dwarfed by them. I need to see more sky and distance than that.

We spent Sunday afternoon touring the Parade of Homes open houses. I found one place I could live in quite comfortably. It was on the side of a hill with two large decks (much like where we live now) that looked across Boise to the Owyhee Mountains in the distance. Beautiful south view! I would have liked to put an offer on it, but the $1.7-million price tag was a little out of my price range. Someone way richer than me will enjoy it.

You know that feeling about how one’s heart leaps for joy when they see someone? I had that feeling when I met up with my best friend from Boise. My heart couldn’t contain the joy it felt, and I got teary eyed and blubbery. Quickly regaining my composure, we spent a little time shopping together. Later, we met two other of the most wonderful five grannies around (see my book) for Mexican food, then hung out on a back patio and talked the afternoon away. I haven’t had that much girl-time in ages, and it felt wonderful; however, it reminded me of how much I miss it. I was very sad to leave.

It’s safe to say that Hubby had to nearly drag me away from Boise when it was time to go. It was so good to be there again. It felt like being home after a really long vacation. I hope to get back again.

Next week, I’ll tell you about the bicycling in Washington and northern Idaho and the crazy GPS that kept leading me down dead-end roads.

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