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Happy 2023! It’s the new year which generally means we are contemplating how we are going to make 2023 better than last year. For starters, let’s count our blessings. I found this meme about how to do that. Once a week, like on Saturday night, write down one happy thing that occurred that week. Put the paper into a jar and at the end of the year, you should have 52 happy things that happened during the year. Celebrate New Year’s Eve by reading about the good things that came to you.

I like that idea only having a jar around all year long is a little much for me to dust and clean around. I think I’ll pick a notebook (I have plenty to choose from) and list them in there. However you choose to keep track, the trick is making a habit of writing in it every Saturday night, but why wait until Saturday? Good weeks come along every now and then when lots of good things happen. All of them should be written down. I love the idea of spending NYE reliving the good things that happened. So often, those memories get lost behind and under bad memories and forgotten. This is a good way to keep them in mind.

Let’s try this: I’ll do my best to keep a list all year, and you do your best to keep one, in jar or notebook. At the end of 2023, let’s compare lists, or at least talk about some of the good things that happened to us. I’d love to do that. It’s always uplifting to hear about good things that happen to people. We need that more and more as the world in general gets darker.

Personally, I feel very blessed. I’m following my dream of writing. I treasure the group of readers who like my books (what a huge blessing that is!). I live comfortably with Hubby, and my children are all doing great. We live in a peaceful place surrounding by good neighbors. I have many friends who mean the world to me. I have food, shelter, and clothing without worrying if I’ll have them tomorrow. All of these are bountiful, wonderful. uncountable blessings.

I wish you all an abundance of blessings and happy occasions in 2023. May your “good things” jar be stuffed full.

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