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Last week’s new books, not shown short stories by E. Hemmingway

There are places I shouldn’t go. Craft stores and quilt stores have too many temptations for me, and my eyes get bigger than my schedule. I don’t have time to do all the things I’d like to do, so my new purchases get put away. Many times, I forget what I have and never get back to them. It’s a sad way to treat something I was once excited about.

The same thing applies to bookstores. I could spend all day in a good bookstore, especially ones with comfortable chairs to sit and browse in. I love books and tend to collect them. Every time we’ve moved, boxes and boxes of books go with us. In Boise, we went through our books and took a bunch of them to our local library book sale. It was hard to part with them. I treasure my books.

When we came to Texas, I brought six books that I’d picked up over the past several months in South Dakota. I’d have plenty of time to read, right? I’ve read one, put one aside because it was boring, and picked out the next one to read. Just as planned. And then….

We found a used bookstore in Canyon that we really enjoy visiting. The owners know our daughter and know she’s going to Texas A&M. Their daughter is too, so we have a lot in common. Hubby and I can’t resist buying a book or two or three from their wonderful store. We’re supporting a local small business, a really good thing. We’re adding to our library we once thinned out.

Hoarding books isn’t a bad thing, is it? They don’t require electricity other than light bulbs to read by. They’re full of interesting stuff, can help you escape reality, and are easily portable. If I’m ever bored (slim chance of that ever happening), I have lots of them on hand to take care of that feeling. Therefore, books are a good thing to have around. I have a shelf of books to pick from, different topics and genres, on any snowy or rainy day.

I hope a few of my books are in your library. I’m starting a library of books by writer friends. Most of them are autographed which makes them extra special. If you’d like to read some of my books, let me know. I can help you with that.

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